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Chicago Rapper Chief Keef Arrested For DUI in Highland Park

ckLocal police reports and TMZ have indicated that Chicago native, Chief Keef, has been arrested for driving under the influence in Highland Park.

Chicago Police Department sources stated, the rapper was pulled over early in the morning (around 4:30am) on 3/5 for having expired registration and plates on his Jeep.

According to sources, the car smelled of marijuana and upon speaking with the rapper, he admitted to using the substance prior to getting in his vehicle. The Chicago PD administered a field sobriety test and, apparently, Keef failed almost instantly. It was then that he was placed under arrest for not only a DUI but also driving with expired tags. What makes this interesting is that the rapper had just left a court mandated rehab center for a prior incident with drugs.

Hopefully the legal system will set him straight this time.