Plans To Decriminalize Pot Statewide

Mayor Rahm Emanuel called for a plan to decriminalize marijuana in a meeting today.

This move is highly controversial, especially at a time right now with such political turmoil in the statehouse.

The city of Chicago passed a law in 2012 that allows police to ticket individuals with less than 15 grams of pot. At the time, this was a huge win for Chicago. Emanuel wants to use the same decriminalization plan for the entire state of IL.

“It doesn’t make sense that one arrest for a very small amount of a controlled substance can lead to a lifetime of struggles, sending people in and out of prison and putting up barriers to getting a job or finding a place to live. We need action from Springfield.”

– Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Estimates are that over seven thousand people are incarcerated each year for possessing less than one gram a drug.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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