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Skin Care Guide: How To Prevent Breakouts

prevent breakouts and acne tips

Millions of people around the world suffer from acne and unfortunately, many products that are thrown at them don’t help. In fact, some of them actually make things worse. The good thing about acne breakouts is that they are preventable with simple tips.

•    Washing your face twice a day is very important whether you have acne or not. You should make it a point to cleanse in the morning after you wake up and in the night before you go to bed. Use a gentle cleanser; the harsher ones dry out skin leaving it vulnerable to tears which increase the likelihood of a breakout.

•    You must consistently moisturize; again, this is because when your skin is dry it tears easily allowing germs to get in that lead to breakouts.

•    If you are an acne sufferer makeup is not your friend so use it very sparingly and make sure that you use only very gentle and dermatologically tested brands.

•    If you have long hair that you let hang around your face it is likely that you get breakouts more often – hair gathers  dirt and other microscopic particles and in addition to that, the products that you use on it could also lead to irritation. It is best to hold your hair away from your face.

•    Stop eating junk; one of the best ways to have a healthy skin is to eat right. When you eat junk you are more likely to get breakouts. Especially avoid fatty foods.

•    Your pillow case holds a lot of oils from your skin and in the oils are lodged germs. Make a point of changing it every few days.

•    We touch our faces hundreds of times a day without knowing it. Although it is hard to do, try and make a habit of noticing when you are about to touch your face and stop yourself.

•    Once you have a breakout it is important to let it clear before you use makeup.

•    Stay away from the sun and strong wind as these tend to dry your skin out and leave you prone to breakouts.

•    A lot of acne sufferers make it worse because they are stressed. Either avoid getting to situations that are stressful or find a way to deal with stress such as exercise which also happens to be good for acne.

If you use these tips you will find that you get breakouts less often and they happen they don’t last long.